– Grammy Nomination: Nominated for a Grammy Award in the category ‘Best Song Written for a Documentary or Film’ for the song ‘Father of our Nation’ featuring Jennifer Jones and Hugh Masekela from the documentary on Nelson Mandela.
Father of our Nation


– Miriam Makeba: wrote, co wrote arranged and produced Miriam Makeba’s Homeland album featuring some of Africa’s finest talents.









Jennifer Rush: Arranged and produced the choir and vocals on the Jennifer Rush album ‘Credo’ which was recorded in SA

Healing Power

Gabz FM: Wrote, arranged and produced all the music for the radio station ID’s.


SA Olympic Album: Wrote arranged and produced the South African Official Olympic album, “All for the game” for the Atlanta Olympic games which featured S A’s finest artists
Westside Connection: Co-wrote, arranged played on and produced Ice Cubes #1 Billboard hit ‘Gangsta’s Make the world go round” from the platinum album ‘Westside Connection’

Academy Nomination: Wrote, arranged and produced the score for the Academy nominated documentary on Nelson Mandela


Emmy Nomination: Wrote, arranged and produced the score for the Emmy nominated film, Mandela and De Klerk, starring Sydney Poitier and Michael Caine.

Symbol to the World


Hugh Masekela:Co-wrote, arranged , played and produced Hugh Masekela’s ‘Notes Of Life’ album
Kaya FM: Wrote, arranged and produced the radio station ID’s for Kaya







Miss World: Wrote, arranged and produced the music for the Miss World Beauty Pageant
People Of The South: Wrote, arranged, sang and produced the theme for Dali Tambo’s hit SABC TV show ‘People of the south ‘


David Abbate: Co-wrote, arranged played and produced David Abbate’s album ‘Rising Sun’

I’m in Love


CCV TV: Wrote, arranged, sang, played and produced the CCV TV station ID themes



Little Sister: Co-wrote, arranged, played and produced the ‘Little Sister’ album ‘More than meets the eye’

Peace on Earth



The Banana Palace: Presented and starred in the Television Comedy Series ‘The Banana Palace’

Heaven is Right Here on Earth
Filmed and Directed by Mike Middleton


Lost City: Co-wrote, arranged, produced and staged the opening of the ‘Lost City’ in Sun City with Jean Michel Jarre

Lost City


Wired To The Floor: Arranged and Produced SA’s top Jazz fusion group, ‘Wired To The Floor’
Coca Cola: Wrote, arranged and produced the music for Coca Cola in eleven languages from Saudi Arabia to SA