– Grammy Nomination: Nominated for a Grammy Award in the category ‘Best Song Written for a Documentary or Film’ for the song ‘Father of our Nation’ featuring Jennifer Jones and Hugh Masekela from the documentary on Nelson Mandela.
Father of our Nation


– Miriam Makeba: wrote, co wrote arranged and produced Miriam Makeba’s Homeland album featuring some of Africa’s finest talents.









Jennifer Rush: Arranged and produced the choir and vocals on the Jennifer Rush album ‘Credo’ which was recorded in SA

Healing Power

Gabz FM: Wrote, arranged and produced all the music for the radio station ID’s.


SA Olympic Album: Wrote arranged and produced the South African Official Olympic album, “All for the game” for the Atlanta Olympic games which featured S A’s finest artists
Westside Connection: Co-wrote, arranged played on and produced Ice Cubes #1 Billboard hit ‘Gangsta’s Make the world go round” from the platinum album ‘Westside Connection’

Academy Nomination: Wrote, arranged and produced the score for the Academy nominated documentary on Nelson Mandela

Emmy Nomination: Wrote, arranged and produced the score for the Emmy nominated film, Mandela and De Klerk, starring Sydney Poitier and Michael Caine.

Symbol to the World


Hugh Masekela:Co-wrote, arranged , played and produced Hugh Masekela’s ‘Notes Of Life’ album
Kaya FM: Wrote, arranged and produced the radio station ID’s for Kaya







Johnny Clegg: Orphans of an empire, Arranged Produced sang and played on one of South Africa’s top super stars from recordings to an amazing live performer, a good friend of many years and finally working together..


Miss World: Wrote, arranged and produced the music for the Miss World Beauty Pageant
People Of The South: Wrote, arranged, sang and produced the theme for Dali Tambo’s hit SABC TV show ‘People of the south ‘

People of the south – Soundtrack Instrumental


David Abbate: Co-wrote, arranged played and produced David Abbate’s album ‘Rising Sun’

David Abbata

I’m in Love


CCV TV: Wrote, arranged, sang, played and produced the CCV TV station ID themes



Little Sister: Co-wrote, arranged, played and produced the ‘Little Sister’ album ‘More than meets the eye’

Peace on Earth



The Banana Palace: Presented and starred in the Television Comedy Series ‘The Banana Palace’



Heaven is Right Here on Earth
Composed, arranged, produced, sang, and played.
Filmed and Directed by Mike Middleton


Lost City: Co-wrote, arranged, produced and staged the opening of the ‘Lost City’ in Sun City with Jean Michel Jarre

Lost City


Wired To The Floor: Arranged and Produced SA’s top Jazz fusion group, ‘Wired To The Floor’

Art and the Dollar


Coca Cola: Wrote, arranged and produced the music for Coca Cola in eleven languages from Saudi Arabia to SA