22nd August 2023

Cedric celebrates his 70th Bday, 60 years in music with family friends, and guest artists.
A very big thank you to Hazel Friedman and Rob Piper for your heart felt filming and capturing some wonderful moments on my Bday..
And a big big thank you to Wendy Oldfield, Robin Auld, Tim Hoare, Samson Brothers, Tim Parr, and last but not least, Dali Tambo..
Big Love,Ced



An Artist  Development  Program  for  Singers, Song writers, Musicians and  performing  Bands..



The Hilton College boys choir
Arranged, produced, and recorded The Hilton College boys choir for Nipho Mkhize, a cool young singer-songwriter…

2022 / 2023

The art of making Tin MoHappy Drums and the art of making Deltone and Bamboo sticks…

Mitchell Stuart and Onree Gill

HQ Creative & Looking4Larry Marketing Company NYC

World Funk Orchestra

I got a call from my dearest friend Onree Gill, musician, song writer, producer and keyboard player of note, from Las Vegas who Introduced me to Mitchell Stuart composer, singer Co founder of HQ Creative in NYC to help them find singers for the recordings for what Stuart imagined as the World Funk orchestra.

The songs were recorded and mixed at Digital Forest in Constantia Cape Town by Andrew Rawbone Viljoen with Mitch and his team from NYC who met and worked with the Samson family.

I helped to arrange and conduct the rich vocal harmonies featured in the songs I Speak In Rhythm, Someday I’ll Be like You, Such A Beautiful Day, The Factory and Marisa.

My work with the World Funk Orchestra and the goals Stuart has for it, is the heart of what will help further elevate The Love Project.











Wendy Oldfield
Played drums and percussion on Wendy Oldfield’s new album “Salt”
Produced by Matthew Fink.

Played percussion, co arranged and produced all vocals for the amazing DJ, guitarist and singer ShenFM on his new album soon to be released.

2017 /2018 / 2019 /2020

The Cedric Samson school of drumming:

The art of playing a drum kit,
African drums, conga’s, bongo’s, cajon and percussion.

The Mo Happy school of drumming for children,
Teaching them the art of rudiments and rhythm.

The art of composing, singing, arranging and producing.


Red Tape Riot:


Just be sure



Breast Cancer Campaign song for South Africa
“Women take care”

Composed, arranged and produced.


The Love Project
Life. Opportunity. Vision. Enhancement

For Singers, songwriters, musicians.
An Artist development, mentorship and recording project.


Dali Tambo is back with his hit show People of the South. He knew exactly where to go when he needed a brand new theme song. Cedric produced a range of jingles including a full 3 minute version for the new show.


Nelson Mandela 93rd Birthday and Mayors Gala Concert:
Band Leader and Musical Director for the gala performance of his Grammy nominated song Father of our Nation with the CT Philharmonic Orchestra plus a host of SA Diva’s. Orchestra arranged and conducted by world renowned conductor Jeremy Lubbock.


FIFA World Cup: Wrote the title track for the Long street, Cape Town FIFA draw.