Wendy Oldfield
Played drums and percussion on Wendy Oldfield’s new album “Salt”
Produced by Matthew Fink.

Played percussion, co arranged and produced all vocals for the amazing DJ, guitarist and singer ShenFM on his new album soon to be released.

2017 /2018 / 2019 /2020

The Cedric Samson school of drumming:

The art of playing a drum kit,
african drums, conga’s, bongo’s, cajon and percussion.

The Mo Happy school of drumming for children,
Teaching them the art of rudiments and rhythm.

The art of composing, singing, arranging and producing.


Red Tape Riot:
Arranged and produced the single You and Me for SA’s new band on the block Red Tape Riot which went to # 4 on the SA charts.


Mohappy Drum.Co
Launch of “MoHappy Drum Co.” A uniquely designed and hand crafted drum inspired by the South African township drum.


Breast Cancer Campaign song for South Africa
“Women take care”

Composed, arranged and produced.


The Love Project
Life. Opportunity. Vision. Enhancement

For Singers, songwriters, musicians.
An Artist development, mentorship and recording project.


People Of The South
Composed, Arranged and produced Dali Tambo’s new People of the South TV theme


Nelson Mandela’s 93rd Birthday and Mayors Gala Concert
Band Leader and Musical Director for the gala performance of His Grammy Nominated song Father of our Nation with a host of SA diva’s.
The CapeTown Philharmonic Orchestra was conducted by Jeremy Lubbock.


FIFA World Cup
Wrote the title track for the Long street, Cape Town FIFA draw.


The first feature film in Xhosa with sub titles in English. Composed, Arranged, played and produced the score.

Nelson Mandela 90th Birthday Concert:
Band Leader and Musical Director for Madiba’s 90th with a cast of seventy eight performing his Grammy nominated track ” Father of Our Nation”.

South Africa’s Women’s Day Concert
Produced and Directed Vicky Sampson’s live show.

Cape Town Jazz Festival:
Band Leader and Musical Director for Vicky Sampson.

Special Olympics – Shanghai:
Musical Director for Vicky Sampson’s performance.


Vicky Sampson: Arranged, wrote and performed on her long awaited album “License To Sing” to be released by EMI Records.

Joe Robbins: Arranged and produced this new kid on the block. An amazing talent to South Africa.


The Children In Aid India: Wrote the title song “One Life” for The Children In Aid, India.

The Africa Channel: Staged the opening of the Africa Channel in Atlanta Georgia, with singers from South Africa and a choir from Atlanta.

SAFTA Nomination: (South African Film and Television Association) Nominated best music score for the first SA black directed film. Zola Maseku’s acclaimed movie Drum.


Proctor and Gamble: Arranged, produced and co-composed with Onree Gill , a promotional track for Proctor and Gamble’s ‘Always Girl’ campaign, featuring ‘TK’ and ‘Proverb’.

The Africa Channel: Composed, arranged and produced the theme music and station ID’s for the new American Television Channel ‘The Africa Channel’

Plush: SA’s premier band: Arranged, produced and performed on the recording of the Plush CD ‘A Few Blinding Views’


Drum: Composed, arranged and produced the film score for the movie ‘Drum’ (based on the life of journalist Henry Khumalo)

Spearheaded the South African release of the ‘Songs For Life’ album which was aimed at raising funds for the fight against HIV AIDS.


Songs For Life: Arranged and produced the music and staging of“ Songs For Life” performances for the Royal Initiative to Combat Aids (RICA) in Washington DC and at the UN in New York City (being the Ambassador of goodwill to the Kingdom of Swaziland)

RICA: Released the ‘Songs For Life’ album in the USA to raise funds for the AIDS awareness campaign.

Smart Partnership Washington DC: Staged the finale for the” Smart Partnership of all African countries” for King Mswati 111 of Swaziland.

Silicon Fly: Arranged and produced the debut album for the South American punk group ‘Silicon Fly’


Mc Donalds: Sang and arranged the choir for the McDonalds children’s world day song produced by David Foster in L.A.

Alicia keys and Miriam Makeba: African Choir Director for the finale MTV special ‘Staying Alive’ concert in Cape Town.

Hollywood Bowl: Musical Director for the 3 final summer performances for Miriam Makeba. The Symphony orchestra was conducted by John Mauceri.

Songs For life: Wrote, arranged and produced ‘Songs For Life’ AIDS awareness album featuring Miriam Makeba, Patti Labelle, George Benson, Candice Love, Billy Gillman, Jabu Khanyile and D’Nasty from the Harlem Boys Choir. The Executive producer was Phil Ramone.


Laureus Sports Awards: Wrote, arranged, scored and produced the music for all nominees at the Laureus Sports Awards in Monte Carlo.

Grammy Nomination for Miriam Makeba: Wrote, Arranged played on and produced Miriam Makeba’s Grammy nominated album ‘Homeland’.


Boulevard Of Dreams: Commissioned to compose, arrange and produce the soundtrack for the musical “The Boulevard of Dreams” for Harmony Gold Pictures Hollywood with the script written by Michael Berlin.


Grammy Nomination: Nominated for a Grammy in the category ‘Best Song Written for a Documentary or Film’ for the song ‘Father of our Nation’ from the Academy nominated documentary Mandela.


Jennifer Rush: Arranged and produced the African choir and vocals on the Jennifer Rush album ‘Credo’ which was recorded in SA.

Gabz FM: Wrote, arranged and produced all the music for the radio station ID’s.


SA Olympic Album: Wrote arranged and produced the South African Official Olympic album, “All for the game” for the Atlanta Olympic games which featured S A’s finest artists.

Westside Connection: Co-wrote, arranged played on and produced Ice Cubes #1 Billboard hit ‘Gangsta’s Make the world go round” from the platinum album ‘Westside Connection’.

Academy Nomination: Mandela: Wrote, arranged and produced the score for the Academy nominated documentary Mandela.

Emmy Nomination: Wrote, arranged and produced the score for the Emmy nominated movie Mandela and De Klerk starring Sydney Poitier and Michael Caine. Directed by Joe Sargent.


Hugh Masekela: Co-wrote, arranged,played and produced Hugh Masekela’s ‘Notes Of Life’ album.

Kaya FM: Wrote, arranged and produced the radio station ID’s for Kaya


Miss World: Wrote, arranged and produced the music for the Miss World Beauty Pageant.

People Of The South: Wrote, arranged, sang and produced the theme for Dali Tambo’s hit SABC TV show ‘People of the south. ‘


David Abbate: arranged, played and produced the album ‘Rising Sun’. A top South African artist.

CCV TV: Wrote, arranged, sang, played and produced the CCV TV station ID themes


Little Sister: Co-wrote, arranged, played and produced the ‘Little Sister’ album ‘More than meets the eye’


The Banana Palace: Presented and starred in the Television Comedy Series ‘The Banana Palace’

Lost City: Co-wrote, arranged, produced and staged the opening of the ‘Lost City’ in Sun City with Jean Michel Jarre.


Wired to the floor: Arranged and Produced SA’s top Jazz fusion group.

Coca Cola: wrote, arranged and produced the music for Coca Cola in eleven languages from Saudi Arabia to SA.


Zulu Rap Project: Returned to South Africa with John King to conceive and record the first “Zulu Rap Project Album” which was completed with Jay Henry.

Wendy Oldfield: Co wrote and Produced Wendy Oldfield’s hit “Acid Rain”


Grayson Hughes: Worked as a drummer/vocalist with the Wet, Wet, Wet producers Michael Baker and Axel Kroell on Grayson Hughes Debut album.


White/Samson: Worked as a production team with Verdine White from ‘Earth, Wind and Fire.’

Familiar Strangers: Formed the duo Familiar Strangers with Deena Miller as a song writing team.


Empire Club – New York City: Resident Singer, Performer at Hugh Hefner’s Club.

Chris Spedding: Played Drums , Backup Vocals on Chris Spedding’s album “Hologram”


Pop Shop: Presenter of the popular SA television, music show ‘Pop Shop’ Which made Cedric a household name.

Morocko: Drummer & Lead Vocalist for SA’s top live and recording session band. They were the first SA Pop band to record their Debut album in the USA.


Carnegie Hall: First USA show as a drummer with Jon Lucien at Carnegie hall NYC.


SABC: Started Debut performances on various TV shows on SABC, bringing Cedric Samson as an artist, more prolifically into the public eye.


Scandal: SA’s premier Jazz fusion band and top session players, which in the early years featured Jonathan Butler.

Ballyhoo: Drummer/lead Vocalist and Comedian for one of SA’s most popular Show bands.


Rabbit: Was the session drummer on the very first Rabbit Hit Single “Locomotive Breath”.

Buzzard: Was formed after the fireflies and recorded the hit Sandy.


The Fireflies: Formed his second band ‘The Fireflies’ that went on to become the youngest SA pop band to be signed by a major record label.


The Vikings: Formed his first band ‘The Vikings’ who were air-played on the popular LM Radio.


The King and I: Debut stage performance as one of the many kids in ‘The King and I.’