Zulu Rap Project: Returned to South Africa with John King to conceive and record the first “Zulu Rap Project Album” which was completed with Jay Henry

Buzz in Africa

Wendy Oldfield: Co wrote and Produced Wendy Oldfield’s hit “Acid Rain”

Acid Rain


Grayson Hughes: Worked as a drummer/vocalist with the Wet, Wet, Wet producers Michael Baker and Axel Kroell on Grayson Hughes Debut album


White/Samson: Worked as a production team with Verdine White from ‘Earth, Wind and Fire’

Familiar Strangers: Formed the duo Familiar Strangers with Deena Miller as a song writing team


Playboy Club: Resident Singer, Performer at Hugh Hefner’s ‘Playboy Club’
Chris Spedding: Played Drums , Backup Vocals on Chris Spedding’s album “Hologram”

1982, 83, 84

Pop Shop: Presenter of the popular SA television, music show ‘Pop Shop’ Which made Cedric a household name.


Morocko: SA’s finest session group. Drummer/Lead Vocalist,they were the first SA Pop band to record their Debut album in the USA

Bowtie Boogaloo